Mission statement

My partner has always had problems communicating clearly and had problems with handling social situations. She would often ask me to explain social dynamics and how to properly react in unfamiliar or uncomfortable situations. At first, we had problems understanding each other clearly, but throughout the years I learned to adept to her style of communicating and how to explain things in a way she can comprehend.

My partner was recently diagnosed with autism, which connected a lot of dots for us. She started looking for support groups to learn coping mechanisms. There she learned that there are hardly any normal people who are willing to help autists with whatever problems they are having in their day-to-day life.

This gave me the idea to blog about any issues/questions I help her with, so that it may help others as well. She agreed to the idea.

Please note that I am not a trained professional. Our way of working is purely based upon years of personal experience.


When I talk about normal, I’m talking about statistical normality (i.e. that which occurs more than 50% of the time), and is completely based upon context it is used. In no way does it mean that normal is better or more natural compared to abnormality. After all, no one is normal in every regard.

You’re being offensive!

Please note that I never try to give offense in this blog. If you are still offended, I advise you to stop reading this blog and search elsewhere. There are much better online resources to be found that you will not take offense to.